Your Local Search Partner

We offer below Recruitment Services:

1- Online Recruitment Service (Self-Service)

You have open positions in Dubai. You need quality applicants preferably based in Dubai. You have tried the regional job boards and classified websites and you have received hundreds of unqualified CVs plus it was expensive and didn’t offer and powerful branding to attract the talents you want. Finally with you can post your job affordably at the same time getting quality candidates who are just around in Dubai and ready for a face to face interview today.

2- Search & Select Service (Ideal to medium difficulty roles)

Administrating the applications involves judicious project management and a structured response handling system. Our selection consultants ensure that the client’s recruitment process fulfill the highest professional standards in the industry.

3- Executive Search Service (Ideal for hard to find talents)

Executive Search service is a way to find top-quality executives for the market.  Executive search is essential when a client is in  need of a senior level position for a specific role in a confined executive market.We provide the best suitable candidate within the same or relevant industry by using its novel search methods, locating the right candidates for their clients.