Here’s a step-by-step guide of what you can expect when you work with us to recruit a new employee.

Search & Selection Process

  1. Determination of the Client’s Needs and Position Specification
    • Understanding the client’s business and corporate culture
    • Gathering information on the position’s responsibilities, reporting relationships and compensation package.
    • Determining the position’s required qualifications – consisting of ability, personality, the quantity and field of experience
  2. Preparation of Proposal and the Selection Timeline
  3. Assessment of Candidates
    • Scanning applications and invitation of candidates to interviews
    • Using candidate database as a supporting tool
    • Interviewing and evaluating candidates with semi-structured in depth interview techniques (based on experience, personality, ability and, organizational cultural fit)
    • Preparing a short-list of appropriate candidates
    • Feedback
  4. Organization of Client-Candidate Meetings
    • Scheduling a mutual convenient meeting between the client and candidates
    • Obtaining feedback from client and candidate after the meeting
  5. Reference Check
    • Conducting the finalist’ s reference check and reporting the results to the client
    • Offering the job and negotiating the compensation package proposal to the finalist (provided that the client wishes)
  6. Completion of the Selection
    • Providing assistance in transition process to the finalist
  7. Follow Up
    • Supporting the new placed employee’s successful integration into the client team
    • Ensuring that both the client and employee’s satisfaction.