My client a leading IT Solutions Group is currently looking for a IT Security Compliance Officer to join their team in Dubai. You would be responsible of reviewing employee work, searching and looking for new laws and regulations that company has to comply with, developing company policies accordingly, and responding to policy violations. You would ensure that business processes and transactions follow and comply with local laws and regulations. Below more details:

  • Implement and manage an effective legal compliance program.
  • Develop and review company
  • Advise management on the company’s compliance with laws and regulations through detailed reports.
  • Create and manage effective action plans in response to audit discoveries and compliance violations.
  • Assess company operations to determine compliance
  • Ensure all employees are educated on the latest regulations and processes.
  • Resolve employee concerns about legal
  • Assist the concerned department to regularly audit company procedures, practices, and documents to identify possible weaknesses or
  • Perform any other related job duties as requested by direct


  • Experience in Cyber Security laws.
  • Experience in Data Analysis and Data Protection.
  • At least 4-5 years of IT Audit and IT Security experience.
  • Technically Strong – System integrator background
  • Legal Expertise

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