My client a leading Saudi burger brand with +90 branches across Saudi Arabia is currently looking for an Operations Director to manage and grow operations to 250 branches by 2025. Job is based in Riyadh and reports to CEO. Below more details:


  • Branch operations (currently 90 branches, targeting 250 by 2025)
  • Manage maintenance department
  • Central kitchen (central processing unit)
  • Supply chain (this function is currently under operations director; however, it is subject to assessment on a yearly basis)


  • Complete focus on operations, Service, QSC, Standards, food safety and internal marketing initiatives at all units.
  • Provide leadership, training and coaching to his team to maximize goals and objectives.
  • Identify training needs and initiate development of team.
  • Lead the design, implementation, and integration of new and existing training programs, operation
  • Lead, oversee, and develop staff training team/department.
  • Develop department’s annual objectives and initiatives.
  • Participate in the development of long-term goals with clear objectives.
  • Analyse past, present and future operating performance.
  • Ensure that overall company financials targets are met including cost of goods, labour and all other controllable expenses.
  • Analyse menu, cost of items, price of items and movement to ensure we have the most profitable product mix.
  • Develop/create quality control measures as needed. Responsible for maintenance and continual improvement of them.
  • Develop plans for new operating procedures to meet growing company goals as needed.
  • Meet growth plan objectives within deadlines and budgets.
  • Work location: based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Required to travel across the kingdom to manage the operations.


  • Experience working in multinational food service/Fast-Food/QSR company
  • Experience in operation level (Branches, Customer service, Food safety and Delivery of goods)
  • Experience in leading people.
  • Strong leadership in driving initiatives and people.
  • Experience in setting plans (long and short term) and executing it.
  • Have analytical skills by developing and reading performance reports in operation.
  • Have the experience in managing operation in different geographical areas.

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