brings in +16 years of Executive Search/Recruitment experience covering MENAT region. We have an established and respected presence in Dubai and the region and are known of delivering results in record time bringing significant time and cost savings. We have instant access to a global talent pool, bringing highest calibre of candidates with sought after skills and world class experience.

Executive Search: Executive Search service is a way to find top-quality executives. Executive search is essential when a client is in need of a senior level position for a specific role. We provide the best suitable candidates within the same or relevant industry by using our novel search methods, locating the right candidates.

Region covered: UAE, KSA and MENA region.

Job Advertising: Job Advertising is the marketing process of capturing candidates’ interest in your company via advertisements, for the purpose of developing a talent pipeline. We help employers reach candidates across the web, improve their employment brand, and generate a quality talent pipeline.