We are not just a CV provider but a partner helping you to find the right people to grow your business




CareerDubai has been delivering its Services to some top Dubai brands since 2004 and known to deliver results. Our main focus is supplying top talents for Dubai based companies: Corporate, SMEs and start-ups. Our specific Dubai focus allows us to be true specialists in the market. The relationships we have formed have been the essential ingredient to our success.

We expect high expectations from you. Recruiting yourself is time-consuming and costly to your company. Leveraging recruitment to CareerDubai saves time, cost and ultimately adds value to your company’s growth. Our goal with every partnership is to be perceived as an asset, not a liability.

Results do the talking, that’s why we focus on quality, rather than quantity. We attract the best talent by utilizing our strategies & communicating effectively. Ultimately, we want to give you peace of mind knowing we can deliver when you are in need for talent. Expect the best and nothing less.