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Is you CV ready for a next career move?

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Looking forward to taking the next step in your career?

Dubai job market is very competitive and full of high quality talents looking for new and better opportunities. With thousands of CVs reaching employers, it is estimated that the average initial CV screening gets less than 30 seconds of the employer’s attention. How to present your CV will ensure you to stand out from the crowd to give you the very best possible chance of getting you the interviews.

Let our Professional Recruiters assist you in preparing a better looking CV that will increase your chances to get notices by employers in Dubai.

4 reviews for Professional CV Writing

  1. Avatar

    Radwa Abdou (verified owner)

    I’ve got my cv writing done in a very professional and easy way . My cv was 8 pages long and it got minimized to 2 pages without eliminating any key points but it also updated the companies profiles. I’m really excited to start getting interviews.

  2. Hasna Hadda

    Hasna Hadda (verified owner)

    I am getting accepted to more interviews, thanks to the help of CareerDubai CV Writing Service.

  3. Awab Zeidan

    Awab Zeidan (verified owner)

    Ever since I’ve started job hunting, Mehmet & Career Dubai seemed to be the most helpful team I’ve ever interact with despite the ongoing pandemic Mehmet supported me a lot by simplifying my cv to be in a way where it’s shorter to read and more specific and has a very professional way and attractive layout. I’m truly thankful for all the kind and friendly support & attitude from Mehmet! Stay blessed

  4. Islam Abdellah

    Islam Abdellah (verified owner)

    I got many job interviews since I used CareerDubai CV Writing Service , thanks alot you really helped me alot .

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